Frequently Asked Questions

What are the services you offer ?

Currently we have 2 services. You can see the details here. More services coming soon.

Why should you purchase services from SocialRank PRO ?

Our services are generated by genuine unique users from all over the world and we provide you result oriented service. Moreover we provide 100% refill guarantee.

How refill guarantee works ?

We have a specified refill guarantee (No of days) for all the services we sell. If there is a drop of more than 10% within that period, just contact our support. We will refill it within a few days. 

I just made an order, now what should I do ?

Once your campaign is created, just wait for the completion time which is specified in the package.  Do not change your username of your accounts or put your account to private until you have receive all your followers/likes/views services. You can see the status of your campaign in your account area.

What is the source of our traffic ?

We have different traffic sources. Some of them are listed below.
1. We have our own community of real users from all over the world.
2. We do social media exchanges.
3. We advertise your accounts/pages/posts and videos.

How long will it take to start receiving my purchase ?

Depending on the orders volume on our system, it will take anywhere from few minutes to 24 hours to start delivery of your order. Services are marked with the delivery time which it takes.

What information do you require ?

We only require your username/link to proceed your order. Your privacy is assured.

Are these services safe for my Social Accounts and Apps ?

Yes, it is. It works just like an advertising network. There is nothing illegal in it. so by using our services your account is 100% safe.

Is there a trial period for your service ?

No, unfortunately we don’t provide free trial.

How is the prices ?

You can see our services & prices here

What payment methods do you accept ?

At the moment we accept payments through  Paypal for all countries except India and Bank Transfer for India.

How can I contact you ?

You can contact us either by live chat at the bottom right corner of this page, or if we are offline, you can contact us through our support page or send email to

Will you offer refunds ?

Due to the nature of service, we won’t be able to offer refund for completed campaigns. However, if we cannot fulfill your orders completely even after the campaign duration, we will refund the partial amount.

How can I create my account in SocialRank PRO ?

You can create your account by sign up here :

Where I can check my order status ?

You can check your order status by logging your account and check my campaigns page, you will find your current order status.

Can I order more than one package for the same URL at the same time ?

Yes, You can but your order will be processed one by one.

Can I cancel my order ?

You can cancel your order before its processing and you will get refund but Once the order is started, it can’t be cancelled.

Can I change Post / Video URL after submitting an order ?

No, Post/Video url can’t be changed after the campaign has started.

Is Likes, Followers, Views are real ?

Yes, They are from real users, we have our own community of real users from all over the world. They are 100% real. But sometimes, it can be incentivized traffic.

May I know the terms of use?

Yes, You can read it here . Use our services only if are ready to agree the terms fully.