Creating a Facebook page is an easy task, but getting some quality followers is not easy ! I am not talking about 1000 or 2000 likes. To make a significant impact on our business/marketing, we should be able to generate likes in a large scale which is something like 50k, 100k, 500k etc depending upon the nature of pages we create. When thinking about how to grow Facebook Page, the first question we face should be “Is it possible to create large volume followers without spending money on advertising?”. The short answer is “Yes”. But it will take time and daily efforts. The best approach I am suggesting is a mix of paid and free methods. In fact, if we are serious about the page, why should we stick only to the free marketing? I would say “Spend some money to earn more” 🙂

I would like to split the methods available into 2 categories.

  1. 100% free methods
  2. Paid methods in a limited budget

I would like this keep things short rather than writing an essay about these simple things . Just listing the points in short .

Method 1 : 100% Free methods

Here are the major points I consider as the key points for the organic growth of a Facebook Page

  1. Make the page complete — Fill all relevant fields, profile picture, cover photo etc
  2. Invite all your friends to like the page (Get the same done by some of your friends, if possible )
  3. Post Fresh Content as much as possible — It is not practical in certain type of pages . Anyway, try to do this up to maximum extent.
  4. Do regular posting — My suggested rate of posting is 2–5 posts per day. Still you can change it as per the type of page. For example , a news page may demand more than 20 updates / day.
  5. Use a mix of promotional posts and normal posts — I suggest to keep promotional posts below 20% which means do not post more than 2 promotional posts when we create 10 posts in total for the page .
  6. Post types should be mixed (Images, text, Links and Videos) . Majority should be images. Post videos if you have original videos of your own only.
  7. Use relevant hash tags (maximum 3 ) in 50% + posts (Means do not use hash tags in all posts )
  8. Create a curiosity in followers through some posts occasionally (It can be a small question, poll , opinion etc )
  9. Always respond to user comments. Comments can be positive or negative. But you should reply to both in a clever manner.
  10. Like related pages as your page (Not as your personal profile)
  11. Comment on related pages as your page (Not as your personal profile. Always write good, meaningful and long comments.)
  12. Like interesting posts on related pages as your page (Not as your personal profile)
  13. Join related groups as your page.
  14. Share your best posts to relevant groups 1–3 times a week ( 20–30 groups will be fine).
  15. Do some like exchange using Websites like up to 3 times a week (You can skip this if you believe it is not 100% genuine method)
  16. Do some post like / post share exchange using Websites like up to 3 times a week ( You can skip this if you believe it is not 100% genuine method)
  17. Try to make some posts about trending topics (1–3 times a week)
  18. Invite people who interacted with your page and not liked your page (You can do this by clicking on the number of likes below each post. A pop up will open with invite option)
  19. Cross Promote (Share page / Share posts ) with other pages you own/ manage.
  20. Promote FB Page link in all useful places as much as possible (Email Signature, website, twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc )

Method 2: Paid methods in a limited budget

Paid methods can save time, instead you need to spend money!

  1. Follow points 1–8 from method 1(Highly recommended) . 9 can be optional , but will be good. You can skip 10–20 as it is more time consuming.
  2. Run Post engagement ads in Facebook (Select best post of the day to run a sponsored campaign. Never use automatic rates. I recommend CPC Campaign)
  3. Run Page Like ads in Facebook (Never use automatic rates. I recommend Cost / Page Like Campaign)
  4. Create videos related to your page and upload it in Facebook page ( You can create using adobe Spark for free or hire someone for cheap price from Make sure to advertise the videos using FB ads and use relevant hash tags.
  5. Hire some professional team to grow your pages . Here is an example team with proven track record. SocialRank PRO

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