Are you worried to get YouTube subscribers? Youtube is the top video sharing platform, more and more celebrities are getting into the wagon to extend their reach on the online world. Youtube has evolved from when it started to what it is, they have revised their policy which has made it hard for content creators to make money. Here is my take on how to get YouTube subscribers quickly:

1. Use Playlists :

Curate your content in an organized manner such that it catches the eye of users. Playlist leverage our content more to the targeted audience. It helps to curate the content the audience wants and keep them wanting for more

Your content should resonate with the users.

2. Publish Long Videos (10+ Minutes)

From my experience longer videos greater than 4 min have more chances to rank on youtube.

As per various content creators, videos that are more probably to rank are longer videos, there is no hard and fast rule for that it is based on the experience of creators,

Make content at least 4 min or more.

3. Promote Videos In Your End Screen

Don’t forget to promote video at the end screen, youtube has made it easy for us in their editor.

Youtube has made it really simple to promote your video and channel at the end screen

4. Focus On Quality, Not Quantity

Create quality content always. Try to create unique videos.

5. Reply To Every Comment

Connecting with your audience to develop trust in your channel which makes them view your new videos

6. Make viewers to Subscribers

Identity the videos which are making more views and promote them aggressively. It will get you more subscribers.

7. Embed YouTube Videos

Share your content across your other social media.

8. Optimize Your Channel Page

Polish your channel to make it look more professional.

9. Be consistent and Publish Regularly 

Publish at least 1 video per week.

10. Get help from professionals

As views and subscribers count has become a benchmark to evaluate the channel’s reach, so to stand out of crowd you need likes, views, and subscribers.

Moreover you need first 1000 subscribers to apply for monetization.

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