TikTok is Currently the top Video Sharing platform for creators. Everybody is talking about it. Even facebook wanted to buy the company, but unfortunate for them, it did not happen. The interesting thing is, Tiktok’s most userbase is in India. Learn how to get more Tiktok fans.

Top tips to follow to gain more Tiktok fans, likes and followers

1. Follow Top Influencers

Follow top influencers and get followed by them. Follow and unfollow them, till they follow. Interestingly this works.

2. Make Your Profile Look Charming

Content is King, upload regularly, complete your profile. Upload unique content.

3. Participate in Viral Challenges

Following the latest social media trends is important, copy what is trending.

4. Post Your Videos on Other Social Networks

Share your content across different social media.

5. Don’t Hesitate to Collaborate with Others

Collaborate with trending creators.

6. Use Video Editing Apps to Make Impressive Videos

Spend time with editing when you start growing.

7. Post New Content At Magic Hours

Sharing new content at least twice a day will eventually get you a massive following, The magic posting hours on TikTok are between 11 am and 5 pm as your followers and their friends are most likely to use the app in that time interval.

  8. Post videos in trending #hashtags

Hashtag helps to connect with similar content help you reach more audience.

9. Incorporate Popular Music in your video

Use popular music so that it reaches more audience , look for trending audio used by other and take advantage of it.

10.Use HD quality video

You don’t need high budget  phone to take HD videos .  you editing skills to improve your content.

11.Post regularly 

Be consistent with you content . You have to keep your audience wanting for more . Increase  the frequency of uploads as much as you can.

12.Respond to the comments

Give genuine comments and likes   to other . It really help to make connection with your audience .

13.Make duets videos 

Duets  help you connect with audience of original content . So its a win for everyone.

14.Put Orginal Content.

Always try to experiment with your content . That’s what your audiance want.


Don’t Get Frustrated. This is the most important step.

It takes time to get followers and likes at the beginning since competition is more.

If you want to accelerate growth, Go with the PRO.

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